Scientific Work

Since the 1980's I have been doing research in Computer Science. Typical keywords include: Program Analysis, Efficiency of Algorithms, Lower Bounds, Models of Computation, Computability.

My Annotated publication list gives an overview of my research and links to on-line available papers.

The Size-Change-Termination Page gives an overview of reserach into this method for program termination analysis.

A few research presentations:
slides from FOPARA 2013: Ranking Functions for Linear-Constraint Loops (corresponds to recent JACM paper with Samir Genaim).
slides from STACS 2013: Mortality of Iterated Piecewise Affine Functions over the Integers: Decidability and Complexity .

Other presentations:
Simple programs that are hard to analyze, a presentation in honour of Neil Jones on the occasion of the SIGPLAN Programming Languages Achievement Award
and video

Publicly accessible demo progams:

Full text of my book אלגוריתמים ותוכניות (Programs and Algorithms), an introductory course on the Theory of Computation using a programming-language oriented approach, following Neil D. Jones (whose original book is available on his web page).

Literary Translation

I present here some translations of well-known French poems into Hebrew.

Contact details

My gmail address is the typical lastname.firstname (no hyphen in the last name).

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